Month: June 2018

Art. 13 of the new Copyright Directive and the censorship machine, for dummies

  There is much debate about the Copyright reform and I see the need to make some clarification based on the actual draft of the legal provision to be voted by the European Parliament next week (July 5th), and not on chats and tweets….

Who benefits the European copyright reform?

Who benefits, in the end, this European copyright reform? There are two rules on which everyone’s attention is polarized: art. 11 on ancillary rights, which would enable publishers to demand payment whenever an article, or even a short excerpt of it (the so-called “snippet”)…

Intermediated of the world, unite!

I have the pleasure to report here the English translation of the article that Stefano Quintarelli, a pioneer of the Italian Internet, wrote forĀ Il Foglio some days ago. I have been astonished by the capability of this article to easily explain and summarise in…

The shadows of the European copyright reform

  It may become impossible to share memes, parodies, artistic or political videos because the filtering obligation voted today by the European Parliament would require online platforms to make a prior check on all the creations shared by users that may contain protected content….

What will change for European telecom networks: from copper based-networks to fiber revolution

Whether the new Electronic Code for electronic communications will encourage or frustrate network investments (you will soon read different opinions about), there is something fundamentally new in the telecom reform politically agreed today by the European Trilogue: for the first time in the history…