Month: September 2013

Berec shakes the Commission again and rules in favour of cheaper prices for telecoms

Berec, the European agency grouping the national telecom regulators, has rejected the serious doubts expressed by the European Commission vis-à-vis the decision of Italian regulator AGCOM to decrease the price of access to the copper network (ULL and bistream) of the incumbent Telecom Italia….

Acta, Robocop and copyright: when imagination goes beyond reality

We had almost forgotten about ACTA, however the copyright industry has succeeded in the (non-easy) job to rewarm this debate and shake new discussions. Apparently, some copyright holders (MGM) requested Youtube to remove an hilarious video, based on the Robocop movie, making fun of…

The European telecom regulators reject the Single Market proposal

(See below the Update of October 17, 2013, concerning the final opinion of Berec) Berec, the European agency based in Riga representing the national telecom regulators (such as AGCOM, ARCEP, OFCOM ecc) published a statement reacting negatively to the Single Market proposal announced by…

The future of the Internet (German humour, well done!)

The future of the Internet with some humour, only for German speakers (sorry). Thanks to Cristoforo Morandini who alerted me about this great stuff.

The freedom not to have Internet: the European reform of net neutrality

The fundamental paradigm of net neutrality may change soon in Europe. The well-expected Single Market Reform of Commissioner Kroes, due to be announced on September 11, 2013, will likely contain provisions on net neutrality which may substantially affect the balance between network operators and…